Will I be able to switch to another coffee blend during my subscription?
Yes, you definitely can! Write to us and we'll get it sorted for you.

Why should I subscribe?
Getting a coffee subscription will save you 10% every month - a discount is always great news!

What can I expect from a "Surprise Me" subscription?
We are constantly experimenting with different beans and blends. With a ‘Surprise Me’ subscription, you can expect beans that may be available on our online store or we may even send you special blends outside the menu based on your selected roast profile. Suitable for the adventurous!
Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes, our subscriptions are pay as you go so feel free to cancel anytime.

I need to change my shipping address. What do I do?
Write to us and we'll do that for you!

I want to change the frequency of my shipments. How do I do that?
You can definitely change the frequency before the next bill sets in. Write to us to get it changed.



How does the gift box work?
You can select the beans you would like to send your friend, and the number of months you’d like them to receive it. You’ll be able to include a message on the first shipment (should you purchase a gift box that is more than 1 month long). Gifts above $25 will be entitled for free shipping, so we recommend getting a 500gram bag if you’re looking for a one-time gift.

When will I be billed for the gift box?
You will be billed monthly (for gift boxes with multiple months) according to the date you’ve placed your order.

Can I include a message with the delivery?
Yes you can! Let us know the message you want to include and we’ll customise a card for you.


What do I get from referring a friend?
You get $5 off any one time bag when you refer a friend! Your friend will get to enjoy $5 off their one time bag as well.


What will I be charged for shipping?
Local registered door-to-door shipping is $5 per shipment for orders below $25. 

How will I be entitled for free shipping?
Spend above $25 per order and we’ll send you your coffee for free!

When will my coffee arrive every month?
Your coffee will arrive within 2 to 3 working days from the date it has been shipped. You will receive an email notification in your subscription email inbox once we’ve sent it out.

Do you ship internationally?
We do not ship internationally at the moment.


How long does my coffee stay fresh for?
As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to drink your coffee within 4 weeks from the roast date to enjoy it at its optimal flavour.

Should I have my beans ground or should I keep them whole?
It’s always better to grind your beans just before you brew, to keep them from oxidizing which can cause a deterioration in quality and reduce lifespan. Begin grinding your beans a maximum of 15 minutes before you brew for peak freshness. If you do decide to pre-grind for efficiency, store the grinds in an airtight container to reduce exposure to the elements.

How should I store my coffee for the best results?
We recommend keeping your coffee beans in the bag they're delivered in. We've taken the time to choose the right packaging for the beans so you don’t have to! We have degassing valves on every package which expel CO2 from the bag whilst not for allowing oxygen to penetrate, this keeps the beans out of harm's way. Oxygen, light, moisture and heat are a coffee bean’s worst nightmare, so keep the your coffee in a dry airtight container, and don’t leave them in direct sunlight.

Does keeping my coffee in the freezer help to keep it fresh?
The suitability of keeping coffee beans in the freezer is controversial, but we don’t recommend doing it. The changing temperature in the freezer along with the moisture generated from taking them out and putting them back in again affects the bean structure and natural aromatic oils in a big way - which is not great for taste! So keep your beans dry and try to use them in a timely fashion for a perfect cup of coffee every time.

Have another question? Contact us at hello@astimulantbysarnies.com.