Running Man: Sarnies Cafe

Since opening in July 2011, Sarnies has been attracting folks with their gourmet sandwiches, freshly roasted coffee, and rustic vibe, not unlike the cafe culture of Melbourne, Australia. The chilled, relaxed vibe of Sarnies and rustic, hormone-free food makes this place suitable even for daily dining.

Ambience at Sarnies calls to mind the hipster cafes of Melbourne, Australia, with their rustic wooden furniture and eclectic decor. The dimly lit interior is heady with the aroma of robust coffee, though the cramped interior can get noisy when crowded. The relaxing exterior al-fresco dining by the roadside allows for people watching, though bad weather can be a concern.

Service at Sarnies is partial self-service, while ordering and payment is done over the counter, staff will serve orders to your table. There's some minimal interaction with the cashier, and staff are generally friendly. The menu cards are small and provide sufficient information, you'll rarely need to ask staff for more. Waiting time for orders can stretch up to 15 minutes during peak periods though.

Food at Sarnies is all about hearty, rustic, filling sandwiches and mains. Primarily British English / Australian in style, the portions at Sarnies are large and filling, made with fresh, tasty ingredients. Presented in a simple, rustic, straight forward manner, the food can be unashamedly greasy at times. They're mostly known for their breakfast / brunch and sandwiches. Prices are typical of a cafe, budget about SGD $27 per person for a meal here.

The Cortado (SGD $5) is robust and strong, great as a morning pick-me-up beverage. You get the good, strong flavour of the roasted coffee beans, and just a hint of the creamy milk.

The Hot Chocolate (SGD $6) here is very good, with a thick, smooth texture, and a rich, deep flavour of chocolate. Love the precise chocolate art pour! Warming like a hug, this is worth ordering!

A little Piccolo (SGD $4.50) which is good and strong, great for a morning shot of energy!

The Fry-Up With Eggs, Shrooms, Baked Beans, Home Cured Bacon & Sausage (SGD $24.50) is their rendition of the classic British English fry-up breakfast. I must say that each component here is done well, the scrambled eggs are soft and fluffy, the baked beans in house made tomato gravy are tangy and sweet, the toasted bread is crusty, firm, and crunches nicely. The sauteed wild button mushrooms are tender and earthy, the large herb pork sausage is meaty and juicy within. Love the generous amount of home cured bacon as well, which is crisp and crunchy! This huge portion is sufficient for 2 people, and while it's not the most tasty, it's a solid, straight forward classic, done well.

The Omelette With Cheddar, Mushrooms & Onion (SGD $21) had a slight drawback, it was more greasy than I would have liked. This is somewhat mitigated by the toasted bread, which helps to soak up the excess oil. Extremely filling, the fluffy egg omelette is stuffed with sauteed onions, wild button mushrooms, and gooey cheddar cheese. Portion is sufficient enough for 2 people, and while it's not the very best I've had, this dish is still pretty good. Pure, straight forward comfort breakfast. Good!

The Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich (SGD $14.50) may only feature 4 ingredients; crunchy roma lettuce, savoury and juicy breaded chicken schnitzel chunks, soft rye bread, and creamy home made mayonnaise, but the combination is incredibly delicious and tasty! Good!

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