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Running Man: Sarnies Cafe

Since opening in July 2011, Sarnies has been attracting folks with their gourmet sandwiches, freshly roasted coffee, and rustic vibe, not unlike the cafe culture of Melbourne, Australia. The chilled, relaxed vibe of Sarnies and rustic, hormone-free food makes this place suitable even for daily dining.

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Hungry Epicurean: Sarnies Cafe

If you’re looking for a cafe that’s not too packed yet serves up the perfect cuppa, look no further than Sarnies cafe. First, it’s along Telok Ayer Street, right smack in the Central Business District. People who spend 5 days a week in the CBD would likely choose alternative venues; second, it’s fairly ‘old’ in cafe-speak and third, there’s decent seating capacity (if the weather holds up and you don’t mind outdoor seating – they do have quite a number of seats outside). The coffee is great – just the way I like it.

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