Her Word: What to eat at the new PasarBella Suntec City gourmet food court!

Always on the hunt for new, delicious places to frequent for a yummy lunch or decadent dinner, team herworldPLUS headed over to the grand opening party of PasarBella @ Suntec for a foodie funfair. What we found and tasted we thoroughly approved of, and want to share the best bites to try when you head over to the new gourmet food court.

#1 Porsena Deli
This New York-style deli (with the serious NY meat-props to match) fits in perfectly with the Lower East Side decor of PasarBella as a whole. The bread and meat are all made in-house with a lot of TLC. The pastrami alone is brined a week in advance, rubbed with peppercorns and coriander and then smoked in their wood fire to give it melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness!

Must-try: Smoked beef pastrami sandwich, $14 (with preserved cabbage, jack cheddar and spicy dill pickle). 

#2 Wolf Burger
For carnivores, there are plenty of options, with Wolf Burger proving a firm favourite of the night with the crowd. The team is the same behind Carvers & Co on East Coast Road, so you should definitely head here if you’re already a fan. A perfect city-slicker lunch-time indulgence or after-work wind down spot.

Must-try: The S'mores sweet potato fries, a guilty pleasure to the max!

#3 Cajun on Wheels
We loved this Louisiana-style seafood stall with a Singapore twist on Southern classics. From fresh chilli crab served in a bucket (and in the heart of the city) to salted egg yolk fries with a sauce to match, this is indulgent dining at its very best!

Must-try: Truffle fries with their choice of sauces, we loved the salted egg yolk one!

#4 Sarnies
For those looking to satisfy their morning caffeine craving or want to keep things healthy and delicious with some cold-pressed juice, PasarBella has you covered. If you’re a fan of Sarnies coffee, you’re in luck! The CBD favourite now has an outlet at Suntec, serving up their drink menu favourites alongside pastries and desserts. 

Must-tries: Sarnies’ ‘Bullet’ coffee made with butter and coconut oil rather than your usual milk mix (coconut oil kickstarts your metabolism).

#5 Rollie Ollie
If you want a lunchtime sushi stop-off then head straight to Rollie Ollie for meticulously made rolls. Fresh and delicious, they use Asian and American-inspired sauces to set their offerings apart from the pack. 

Must-try: Sunkissed salmon rolls, $16.95 (salmon, crabmeat and avocado).

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